Philosophy & Core Values

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Intellectual Educational Philosophy

Our institution aims at educating each of its students to be:

  • A responsible and principled individual who is respectful and caring towards self and others
  • A successful and independent learner who accepts challenges and uses inquiry and critical thinking to gain knowledge
  • A global citizen and leader who can communicate effectively with an open mind and multilingual skills
Values and Concepts We Consider

Our core values:

  • Growing By Learning
  • Pursuing Excellence
  • Leading Through Innovation
  • Global Citizenship


Adept learners who will master the knowledge and skills they need to think critically, work collaboratively, and maintain focus on their goals.

Our Students Learn

To develop a disciplined and practical schedule for school work

To practice commitment and integrity

To set goals and strive for higher achievement

To develop reading, writing, and computational skills

To practice different ways of learning

To develop communication skills (listening, verbal and written)

To develop thinking skills for problem-solving

To develop thinking skills for problem-solving

To use interpersonal skills, ability to work with others

To increase self-esteem, motivation

To expand organizational skills

To accelerate foreign language acquisition

To increase computer literacy

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