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Required Documents

  • Exam Results

  • Previous School’s Transcript

  • Birth Certificate Copy

  • Copy of Student’s Passport/ID’s Copy (if available)

  • Copy of Parent’s or Guardian's Passport/ID’s Copies

  • 4 Photo (3x4)

  • Equivalence letter(foreigners only)

  • Resident ID (foreigners only)

  • Recomendation Letter

Admission Eligibility

  • The admission test mainly measuring English Language level and previous years’ subject in general. Previous years report cards, and certificates are important too.

  • During the interview, a professional from our school will check the background of the student, in terms social, artistic and sportive areas.

  • Once the student is accepted, there will be:

  • an orientation program will be given to the new students for two weeks. The program will take place at the school.

  • another orientation program will be for the parents to brief them about the follow-up system of the school.

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