Every student have equal opportunity to reach the school resources..
  • Ideal Classes: 20 and 24-student classes improve student outcomes, grades, and test scores. Small classes allow each child to be seen as a unique, whole person, with his or her own learning style and pattern of growth.
  • Smart Boards in Every Class: All the classes are equipped with smart boards, multimedia projectors, and laptops. The high-end equipment mentioned above bring the technology to every class and make the teaching and learning process more effective.
  • Curriculum: Our curriculum makes our students ready for all national and international exams and provides a complete K-12 education. Besides, our students study a rigorous computer and internet integrated curriculum in math and science classes.
  • Online Access: The teachers at our schools utilize an online grading database system. Teachers, parents, and students can access their records online.
  • Character Education: All students study and practice the ethics/morals and universal values as well as natural and social sciences in a fully secular environment.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: Our students participate in after-school programs including sports, clubs, tutoring, and enriched curriculum.
  • Individual Performance: Our schools set goals for students on an individual basis. Learning activities include both cooperative learning (groups) and individual projects.
  • Parent Involvement: We believe that a large portion of student’s success involves a joint effort between student – parent-teacher triad. At our schools’ opinions of parents count and their contributions are valued.
  • Dedicated Teachers: At our unique schools, students have different teachers for each subject area. Each student learns from highly qualified teachers who teach their area of specialization.
  • Summer Schools Abroad: Our schools arrange summer schools abroad. Summer school programs help students to observe different cultures and improve their character developments as well.
  • Trips: Throughout an academic year, different trips are organized for the students, teachers, and parents in and out of the country.

why us..

Intellectual Schools is a school for the whole family.

While kids are learning academic and behavioral concepts at school, parents are going to be the part of this process.

There are options for parents who want to involve more in the school community.