Our Mission

Our mission is to develop each student by providing an outstanding international education for overall success in a caring and courageous environment from early years through to university entrance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an exemplary comprehensive education institute at both national and international scales by implementing the best educational practices; by educating our students as global citizens and leaders who will contribute to world peace and respect for diversity, by forging strong bonds with the outer as well as the inner community.

Intellectual Educational Philosophy

Our institution aims at educating each of its students to be

  • A responsible and principled individual who is respectful and caring towards self and others
  • A successful and independent learner who accepts challenges and uses inquiry and critical thinking to gain knowledge
  • A global citizen and leader who can communicate effectively with an open mind and multilingual skills

Individual Attention

Knowing the importance of this issue, we motivate our students through individual attention, intensive counseling, and after-school programs that address their individual learning styles. We expect them to recognize the value of commitment and effort, and to strive toward their highest levels of capability.

Development of a Responsible Personality

Education is complete only if it shapes the individual’s character with virtues and develops his/her skills for a successful social life. We see it as our responsibility to provide the students with the values and concepts that shape moral texture of a society.

Our schools encompass a healthy combination of mental, physical and interpersonal activities undertaken in a nurturing, success-oriented atmosphere

Values and Concepts We Consider

Our Values

  • Growing By Learning
  • Pursuing Excellence
  • Leading Through Innovation
  • Global Citizenship

Our Students Learn

  • To develop a disciplined and practical schedule for school work
  • To practice commitment and integrity
  • To set goals and strive for higher achievement
  • To develop reading, writing, and computational skills
  • To practice different ways of learning
  • To develop communication skills (listening, verbal and written)
  • To develop thinking skills for problem-solving
  • To use interpersonal skills, ability to work with others
  • To increase self-esteem, motivation
  • To expand organizational skills
  • To accelerate foreign language acquisition
  • To increase computer literacy

And All Our Graduates Will Be

  • Adept learners who will master the knowledge and skills they need to think critically, work collaboratively, and maintain focus on their goals.
  • Actively engaged in their school and community, raising awareness of contemporary issues and contributing to their resolution
  • Respectful of others and themselves and act as role models for their families and communities.
  • The ones who are fully equipped with intellectual and social skills.