Continuous Assessment System at Intellectual Schools

Our institution is dedicated to providing the highest level of education and continuing the pledge of innovation to better serve our students, their parents and people of Ethiopia.

We are continually introducing modern, attainable systems for our teachers, students and their parents.

We proudly introduce the ‘Continuous Assessment System’, also known as CAS. We are the first K-12 school to implement CAS in Ethiopia. Additionally, we are introducingPAR, Performance Assessment Reports, which is a part of CAS and generally evaluates the whole performance of a student during the academic year. Correctly using these methods will minimize the possibility of a student failing at any subject. CAS also makes the learning process a lifestyle. And, PAR coerces students to study with the intent of becoming knowledgeable not merely to pass a test.

Instead of producing 3 or 4 tests in each subject, CAS allows for a variety of assessment procedures. Projects, performances, topic tests, demonstrations, coursework, role-playing, interviews, athletic activities, dramatic skills, homework and worksheets are just some of the ways we can evaluate students. All of our assessments are shared with the parents immediately. Teachers, with the guidance of the school’s administration, can make the necessary corrections to the assessments about their teaching methodologies and students may study the reports. The evaluation is not merely based on the test; it’s made up of a plethora of activities that are taken into account when assessing a student’s progress.

PAR enables us to share our students’ results with their parents immediately and gets them more involved in the educational process. We believe that we can make the most important contribution to our children and their future with these innovations. Our tireless efforts have been recognized and highly appreciated by Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education.

We will continue to uphold our commitment towards innovating the educational systems, and we look forward to producing even more results with your gracious trust and support.


  1. Effective teaching and character education methods
  2. Taking a student-based approach to education
  3. Ensuring that students and teachers have the same agenda
  4. Distributing quality textbooks
  5. Employing experienced teachers
  6. Holding student, teacher and parent seminars
  7. Effective communication with parents
  8. Utilizing smart board
  9. Online student information
  10. Highest quality of technology in education